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  • Why would you start a blog?

    “No one reads blogs anymore.”

    Whether that’s true or false, it doesn’t really matter to me.

    I’m not writing this blog post to scream it out to the world, in hopes of an echo in return. I’m writing this for myself.

    I like spending time with thoughts and ideas that light me up. If I’m wise, I’ll figure out how to do more of that and less of the opposite. It helps keep me honest.

    And to be honest, here’s a hot take: Everyone should have a blog. Whether it’s under your name, a secret alias, an alter ego, it doesn’t matter. It’s a cool thing to create. A place to express yourself. Internet real estate and you’re the architect, builder, and resident. An online record of you carving out the time to sit, think, & share a piece of your mind.

    How beautiful.