Meet Omar Hamada.

Founder of Btr, CEO of LYFE CYCLE

Omar Hamada is a multidisciplinary entreprenuer and creative who has built his career around the foundation of health and wellness. His works, both personal and commercial, often recite themes of the same central question: How can he live better then use that growth to help others around him?

Here's his newest work, Btr. It stands for "Born to restore" and is based on the idea that it is ok to believe that we were Born to restore humanity. What you'll find is a courageous attempt to explore this thought and share the vision with the world in many forms.

"No one is going to give you license to use your imagination or prevent you from copying what already exists; thats (y)our creative responsibility. To find and add meaning to what already exists. To develop alternative approaches to what has been done, or discover a way of doing it that's yet to be done. Here's to an appreciation of the "process" and finding meaning. I hope you enjoy whatever this turns into."